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Ravikesh Singh
Fijian born Ravikesh Singh came to Australia when he was 3 years old and started his career at the same age playing dholak (traditional/ religious music) in small house concerts with local musicians in Brisbane.
Ravikesh’s father supported his music career from a very early age taking the young Ravikesh to concerts and music lessons with C Hanuman. By the age of ten, Ravikesh was learning the tabla and percussion instruments with tuition from Sukhvinder Singh, Alpesh Vaitha, Sunil Kumar De and Pt Ishwar Lal Misra. Most recently, Ravikesh returned from Varanasi in India after studying the secrets of the Benares Gharana style of tabla. Ravikesh’s musical inspiration comes from his gurus and listening to many different genres of music.
He is a versatile musician involved in numerous Indian Classical as well as contemporary fusion projects in Australia and India. Ravikesh is also developing a fast growing reputation as a tabla teacher for beginning and intermediate students.


The Ravikesh and Bedletha Sound Project
Ravikesh Singh teams up with Bedletha, an accomplished electronic music artist in his own right to initiate The Ravikesh and Bedletha Sound Project - a live music project focused on adapting established dance music platforms into a high energy electroacoustic experience.

Sanghat is a contemporary rhythm and wind based duo, featuring up Ravi Singh on rhythm and percussion, and wonderful world woodwinds exponent Francis Gilfedder playing his collection of unusual Asia Pacific breath-based instruments, together making a fascinating synthesis of many cultural influences.
Francis is a widely travelled musician, starting his career at 18 by learning Yidaki music from the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land, followed by studying Gamelan music on a scholarship in Indonesia, and more recently taking on the challenge of the traditional Japanese Bamboo flute, the shakuhachi, learning from a qualified master. He loves to present his music to all audiences, including for the purposes of relaxation and meditation, and has performed around Australia and Asia.

Indian Connections

If the sounds of Mantrita feel familiar, it is because they take clever advantage of lively yet soothing melodies and lyrics. When those melodies and lyrics are overlaid and seeded with powerful incantations and mantras from the religious repositories of Sanskrit, Greek and Latin, the result is a powerful convergence of modern and ancient musical patterns whose purpose is meditative and whose method seductive. Before you know it, you’re helplessly drawn, if only for an hour or so, into the uplifting journey that we each must take from the material and mundane into the spiritual and sublime. Mantrita, (pronounced MUN-THRI-THA) a Sanskrit word whose meaning holds the quality of enchantment, is a 3-piece ensemble comprising lead vocalists Lucy Lopez and Suresh Poonavaala on guitar and harmonium/keyboard respectively and Ravikesh Singh on tabla. Theirs is an enchanting musical alchemy of pop, rock, blues and traditionally religious sounds from East and West.
The Trio came together with the purpose of making their natural love of music a means of facilitating spiritual awakening. Untied to any particular religion but influenced by the traditions that they grew up with as well as those discovered as adults, Mantrita offers a quality of Indian fusion that surprises, delights and above all awakens! Each musical performance is preceded by half an hour of guided meditation which is never included in the ticket price. You would be wise, however, not to miss the beautiful meditative experience that Lucy facilitates with a voice
that is instantly calming and a depth of spirituality that puts you effortlessly in touch with profound truths.
Whether you come for the music or the spiritual experience, you can be certain Mantrita will deliver you to a joyous space ! www.myspace.com/mantrita

Quit Reno
5 piece band - Quit Reno - is music from the red organ-like thing in your chest that pumps stuff. “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato

Indofusion mixes Indian, Brazilian and jazz influences to create original music. Made up of three core members – Hermant (Indian vocalist), Ravikesh Singh (tabla) & Mauricio Hosi (Brazilian guitarist).

Dhol Blasters
Reggie Kumar-Dhol and Tabla; Rojer Marracas- DJ and Guitar; Ravikesh Singh -Dhol, Tabla, Drumkit and Dj; Zynal Khan - Mc and DJ

Suresh is a talented vocalist and harmonium player who has received his musical training in Singapore and Australia in the traditions of Hindustani, Carnatic and Western Music. Suresh is a versatile singer whose repertoire spans Indian classical and semi-classical genres of vocal music as well as the latest popular songs in Indian, Persian and Arabic styles. Suresh speaks and sings in several languages and dreams of singing and speaking on stage effortlessly in Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Arabic, Spanish, German .... [he’s a dreamer] Toby is a well known jazz piano/guitar player who completed his musical training at the Queensland Conservatorium - although he is largely self-taught and continues to add new instruments and musical styles to his reportoire. He has performed in many gigs in Brisbane as well as overseas (New York). Toby is a very versatile musician with a very sensitive ear that can be easily discerned by the audience when he plays. Toby also teaches performance techniques.

Diversity (Sanghat)
The Ravikesh and
Bedletha Project
volume 1

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